“We’re the nitty-gritty guys who handle the tasks others don’t want to do — the difficult jobs, the deep sewers, etc. But in the end, we transform projects beyond what others may envision, like having a stormwater fixture look like a flower garden.”


Ted Mettler | VP Industrial


  • United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) Qualified Millwright

  • Ironworking capabilities: steel, pre-engineered buildings, other materials

  • Self-perform site work capabilities 

  • Certified Welders: arc, mig, tig, heliarc, brazing, and plastic welding

  • HYTORC Bolting Technicians

  • 30 Hour O.S.H.A. training | 16 Hour Millwright O.S.H.A. Training

  • M.S.H.A Part 46 Training

  • Self contained breathing air - full and half face respirators

  • Crane safety, rigging and materials handling equipment

  • Aerial lifts, high work fall protection

  • Shaft alignments, laser and dial indicator alignments

  • Confined space | Lock out - Tag out

  • CPR / First Aid

  • Power actuated tools and equipment

Shredder Installation

  • The LKC Industrial team has experience constructing two shredders and one shear.

  • An L. Keeley-built Shredder completely shreds a car within 10-12 seconds!

  • In that short time, the car will be transformed into softball-sized chunks, perfect for recycling.

  • During that shred, metals are separated out.

  • The only thing that needs to be removed is the battery and gas tank.

500 S Ewing Ave, Suite G | Saint Louis, MO 63103
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