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COVID-19 | Our top priorities are the health of our people and the service we provide to our Partners.


Three generations strong: L. Keeley founder Larry Keeley (left) stands with grandson Patrick Keeley (middle) and CEO Rusty Keeley (right).

Our Foundation

L. Keeley was founded in 1976 as a family-owned paving company. Over four decades and 850+ Keeley'ns later, L. Keeley has become a nationally-known, full-service construction company with four diverse business groups:

Our Core Remains the Same:

We are a customer-centric partner providing innovative solutions. The safety, well-being, and career growth of our team members are the benchmarks of our success.  



My Vision for L. Keeley is.... 

“To demonstrate our core culture in all we do across the services we deliver in four major industry sectors. This means positioning each of our valued team members to execute on every promise we make and facilitate continual growth with our trusted customer partners. Our most important investment is in our people pipeline."

Tom Birkemeier | President

Our Values: PRIDE









L. Keeley’s Civil Group epitomizes our core culture and foundational principles. This is illustrated through LKC Civil's complex projects executed strategically with expertise in technologically and geologically challenging environments. The Civil Group’s ability to adapt and respond to the needs of our diverse customers provides unique differentiation in this field.

“Family is everything at L. Keeley. Whether we’re at work or working for those at home, it’s about executing and delivering a shared vision to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Curt Peitzman

Executive VP




At the heart of L. Keeley’s deeply-rooted, 42-year history is the Paving Group, specializing in Paving Maintenance Programs. Operating on local and national platforms, LKC Paving prides themselves on delivering quality and service. They foster our family culture and core values that have created a nationally-recognized workforce in the industry.

“In the words of our founder, Larry Keeley: 'Quality and Service never go out of style.'

We embody these words of wisdom every day.”

Matt Taylor

VP Paving




The L. Keeley Building Group passionately serves its customers by exceeding expectations with responsiveness and flexibility. They proudly serve companies of all sizes - delivering safe, high quality, on-time, and budget-conscious projects. LKC Building is nationally recognized for its impact on communities, positively changing the way people shop, work, learn, engage, and evolve. Their expertise allows them to accommodate design-build, negotiated, and hard-bid projects, while their customer-centric nature is redefining how modern construction ventures are planned and executed.

“When you think LKC Building, think nimble. Our growing team continues to impress through quick-action, integrity, and ability to adapt. I am proud of the knowledge and agility we bring to the table to meet the needs of our loyal partners.”

Ryan Perryman

VP Building


Ryan Perryman

VP Building




L. Keeley Industrial has established itself as a leader in its field for its expertise in completing multi-million dollar designs, installation and maintenance of state-of-the-art mega shredders and material separators for scrap contractors; it also specializes in installing conveyor and packaging systems. L. Keeley’s Industrial Group offers full-range services across the retail, aerospace and power utility industries.

“We’re the nitty-gritty guys who handle the tasks others don’t want to do — the difficult jobs, such as deep sewers. In the end, we transform projects beyond what others may envision, like having a stormwater fixture look like a flower garden.”

Ted Mettler

VP Industrial